mbSECBOX Data Backup & Virus Protection

Data Backup and Virus Protection

The mbSECBOX is a security solution for the S7-300 and S7-400 control systems from Siemens.* It was specially developed for virus detection and data backup at the PLC level. The mbSECBOX immediately detects malware such as Stuxnet and other attacks on S7 control systems and alerts you before any damage is done.

  • permanent backup of dynamic PLC data such as recipe settings, setpoints, etc. (DB)
  • detection of tampering in OB, FC, FB, SFC, SFB, SDB
  • alert by text message or e-mail if there are changes in the components
  • simple restoration of saved data without the manufacturer’s software
  • 2 digital outputs for status signaling
  • 4 digital inputs for operating functions

The first step saves the complete program memory (OB, FC, FB, DB, SFC, SFB, SDB), the order number and the serial number in a reference backup. On the basis of this reference data, the device continuously monitors the static memory area of S7-300 and S7-400 control systems. Dynamic PLC values and recipe data or control parameters can be restored at any time.

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