Mantis Systems is a distributor of world class technologies:

B&B Electronics | Distributor
RS-232/422/485 products, RS232 to RS422 / RS485 converters, isolators, surge suppressors, Line Boosters, Repeaters, ISA and PCI boards, PCMCIA to Serial RS-232/422/485, USB to Serial RS-232/422/485, Ethernet to Serial servers,, PCMCIA cards, Expressport cards. 

Siemens Automation | South Island Distributor
PLCs, VSDs, Networks, HMI

Gridconnect (US)
Industrial communications/networks, Modbus, Modbus/TCP, Ethernet/IP, Serial to Ethernet, Ethernet Intercoms, Ethernet Sensors, Bluetooth to Ethernet

Etherwan | Sole NZ Distributor
Ethernet Switches, hardened switches, industrial switches, media converters, ethernet extenders, Ethernet serial servers.

Topsccc | Sole NZ Distributor
Expert Data Acquisition and Control, Modbus I/O, Industrial Panel Computers, Industrial Box computer, Serial Gateway, RS232 to 485 converter

Profibus | NZ Distributor
Remote modules.

Molex | NZ Distributor
PAC/PLC Communication Modules, Gateway Modules.

MB Connect Line | NZ Distributor
Remote access modems and gateways.

JLT | Sole NZ Distributor
Mobile computer, rugged tablet

A-Born | Sole NZ Distributor
Rugged mobile computer, rugged tablet

DSE | Sole NZ Distributor
mobile computer, monitor, daylight readable monitor, vehicle computer

Western Reserve Controls | NZ Distributor
Signal Conditioning. I/O modules, Voltage Conversion and Mounting Boards.

Cactus Technologies | Sole NZ Distributor
SSD, industrial secure storage, memory

ATP | Sole NZ Distributor
SSD, industrial secure storage, memory

Frontline | Sole NZ Distributor
Network analyser software, debug tools

Transtector | Sole NZ Distributor
Surge suppression

Laird | Sole Distributor
Antenna and aerial

Freewave | Sole Distributor
Radio modem, I/O Radio

Brad Harrison | Sole Distributor
cordsets, cables and fittings, devicenet, profibus, Ethernet

SST | Sole Distributor
PLC module, gateway

Applicom | Sole Distributor
PLC modules, gateways, PC cards

Western Digital | NZ Distributor
SSD, secure storage, memory

Apex Dynamics | NZ Distributor
Planetary gearhead

Thomson Micron | NZ Distributor
Planetary gearheads.DuraTrue, UltraTrue, EverTrue, NemaTrue planetary gearhead. Accu-lock Zero Backlash Flexible Steel Bellows Coupling, Multi-turn Rotary Limit Switch.

Gemco | NZ Distributor
LDT, Linear Displacement Transducer

Mantis Systems is also a distributor of: 
Ethernet cable, fittings and fibre optic cables, industrial communications, electrical control equipment, industrial automation control equipment, process control equipment, programmable industrial process control equipment.

We further supply dozens of other brands and components not listed online. Get in touch, we likely have the solution to meet your product needs.