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Protect expensive PCs and equipment from damaging electrical storms, power surges and other high EMI/RFI disturbances. This isolation barrier eliminates ground loops which are disruptive in measurement applications. Models UH401and UH401SL provide 4kV isolation and are UL 60601-1 Recognized, making them appropriate for use with medical equipment. Mantis Systems serves as a primary distributor of BB Electronics in New Zealand.

UH401-2KV and UH401SL-2KV provide 2kV isolation.

All models are USB bus powered and provide up to 100mA of current to attached downstream devices when they are attached to a full power (500 mA) USB host port.


usb UH401

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USB To USB 1 Port Isolator – 4Kv


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USB To USB 1 Port Isolator – 2Kv

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USB To USB 1 Port Isolator – 4Kv, Low Speed

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USB To USB 1 Port Isolator – 2Kv, Low Speed

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